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Common Causes of Electrical Fires

Electrical FireHundreds of Americans die each year as the result of electrical fires in their homes. In addition to deaths and injuries, these fires also cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and loss annually. The best way to protect your home, yourself, and your family from one of these devastating fires is to know the facts. Use the following information to safeguard your home.

Faulty Electrical Equipment

Using unapproved, damaged, or modified electrical equipment is a common cause of electrical fires, reports the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The at-fault devices can include lighting fixtures, appliances with modified cords, and damaged plugs.

Misused Electrical Cords

Overloading an extension cord—such as plugging multiple sets of Christmas lights into a single extension—is one of the most common causes of electrical home fires. Space your lighting needs out into multiple extension cords so that no one cord is overloaded with all the power.

Running cords under a rug is another cause of home fires because the cord can become damaged and overheat, igniting the rug. Cords running under rugs and across paths can also result in people tripping over the cord, not only causing injury to them, but potentially causing a spark and fire.

Space Heaters

Failure to leave enough space between electrical heating appliances and combustible housewares such as furniture, curtains, linens, and clothing is a common cause of home fires during the cold weather season. The heater can overheat and ignite any combustible item nearby.

Electric heaters without safety devices to automatically shut down when the device falls or tips over can also result in a fire.

Faulty Wiring

Old wiring or wiring that is improperly installed can cause a fire that begins within the walls and spreads throughout a home. Loose connections and faulty circuits are also known to cause residential fires within the electrical system. Make sure your home is protected by getting your electrical wiring inspected on a regular basis.

Light Fixtures

Lamps and light bulbs are common causes of home fires. The bulbs and fixtures can become very hot and burst or ignite. Make sure to turn fixtures off when you leave a room, and always install only the appropriate bulb into any light socket.

Our Sarasota electricians at Mister Sparky Sarasota offer residential services including electrical safety inspections. We can detect wiring problems, examine fixtures and appliances, and advise you on other wiring and electrical hazards. Call us today at 941-312-2954 to schedule your home inspection with our experienced professional electricians.

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